Financial Support for Fountain of
Life Ministries

Your Potential Impact through This Ministry

Your financial support for Fountain of Life Ministries is vital to spreading the love of Jesus Christ and
the gospel of the kingdom of God.

You can be an important part of this dynamic ministry, bringing love and hope through Jesus Christ to
people in need. Through Fountain of Life Ministries, you can help send Fred and Sherry White to
proclaim and demonstrate the kingdom of God message. People are being saved, healed and
delivered through their ministry. This ministry is for people in all walks of life, but it reaches those even
in obscure places such as jails, prisons and drug rehabilitation facilities. They are impacting cities,
regions and nations by guiding people to personal relationships with Jesus, equipping the saints for
purpose and destiny and raising up leaders.

When you support Fountain of Life Ministries, you help impact individuals, families, communities, cities
and nations.

It's Easy to Give to This Ministry

If you would like to contribute to the work of the kingdom through this ministry, please send your
contributions to:

Fountain of Life Ministries
PO Box 6006
Athens, Georgia 30604

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